having scooped a large…

having scooped a large supply, i am now *running out* of dharmaflycrunchies from barcamp brighton 3. help! are there any more out there???

New Schwag: Dharmafly…

New Schwag: Dharmafly Crunchies http://www.schwagging.com/?p=261

I’m still eating dharmaflycrunchies…

I’m still eating dharmaflycrunchies aka spirulina, btw. I’ve got a stash in a little metal tin that I carry in my bag with me. Yes, crazy.

Spirulina + MyMuesli

I don’t think I ever had anything more disgusting for breakfast. Pretty sure it wasn’t the MyMuesli.

4. Enjoy!

3. Spirulina Asteroid Popcorn.

2. Make the butterscotch sauce

1. Make the popcorn

@tepanga – I hope ya…

@tepanga – I hope ya fishies got their #dharmaflycrunchies today. Goldfish => Greenfish

@premasagar The Dharmafly…

@premasagar The Dharmafly Crunchies were a huge success with the tropical fish! I hated the idea of wasting something so unique & wholesome

Sara / Spirulina

Spirulina breath mint, anyone?

A little pot of spirulina crunchies, small enough to put in your pocket and carry around with you. Then when you feel that you might be asked for a breath mint, you can pop them out and fuck with people’s heads.

Spirulina? It’s this weird dietary supplement thing that Premasagar gave everyone a box of at BarCampBrighton3. It’s an acquired taste. When I first had some, I felt like I was about to vomit, but I seem to be increasing my affection for it.

According to the leaflet that comes with it, 10 grams of the stuff gives you a couple of times the recommended daily amount of vitamins A, D, K and B12 (B12 being the vitamin that vegetarians like myself often need to supplement with – Marmite and other yeast extract products being another good source of B12), as well as Beta Carotene and a whole load of minerals, and shit loads of proteins. I’m not sure I could eat 10g a day, but I’m becoming strangely addicted to it.

Premasagar may have to show me exactly where he buys all his hippie food. I kinda like it, and, damn, it is much better health-wise than all the rubbish I eat.

wondering how #dharmaflycrunchies…

wondering how #dharmaflycrunchies would affect a bowl of weetos – they’re almost like an antithesis.

BarCamp Brighton Schwag Bag + Dharmafly Crunchies

BarCamp Brighton Schwag Bag + Dharmafly Crunchies

On the left, the newspaper “schwag bag”, for all the sponsors’ goodies at BarCampBrighton3. Handmade by Alex the Green Greengrocer.

On the right, a box of greenest Dharmafly Crunchies. (More views here). It’s sun-dried spirulina from Auroville.

The funky box was designed by AtomicShed and word-woven by Ellen de Vries.

The “May Contain Traces of Love” is from a self-inking rubber stamp.

you know the red tablets…

you know the red tablets the dentist uses to demonstrate the plaque you miss on your teeth? #dharmaflycrunchies a natural alternative! wooho